about us

Polente Natural was born in 2018 as a groundbreaking brand in the world of natural cosmetics by combining the inspiring beauty of nature and environmental awareness. By combining deep-rooted wisdom in the field of beauty and health with the latest technology, we have the mission of offering our customers high quality, clean and natural care products.

Our products are carefully prepared with nature's purest and most effective ingredients. Each product is meticulously formulated specifically for the needs of the skin and undergoes dermatological testing. As Polente Natural, we completely stay away from harmful substances such as chemical additives, parabens and artificial colorants. In this way, we continue our determination to offer our customers products that are reliable, effective and support natural beauty.

However, by using materials obtained from sustainable sources, we fulfill our responsibility for the protection of nature and our planet. With the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System certificate, we support the health of our planet with our clean-containing products and environmentally friendly packaging.

We always see customer satisfaction as a priority and continue our efforts to offer the highest quality products with the inspiration we draw from nature. Our product range offers a wide range of options such as water-based moisturizing creams, serums prepared with active ingredients, valuable detox masks obtained from rare regions, solid shampoos that are the pioneers of naturalness in hair care, and pure essential oils.

As Polente Natural, we bring natural beauty and healthy skin together and support everyone to highlight their natural beauty and feel great with our wide range of products. Discover the power of nature and join us on your skin's journey to maintain natural balance.

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