about us

Polente Natural

As the Polente Natural family, we started to bring you clean and natural care products in 2018 by combining the indescribable inspiration of nature to the human spirit and the beauty secrets of old times with modern technology. 


Water-based moisturizing creams, serums prepared using active ingredients, valuable detox clays extracted from rare regions, solid shampoos that are the pioneer of naturalness and sustainability in hair care, and many products with clean ingredients are produced by our expert team in our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001:2005 certified laboratory. . 


We are proud and happy to bring this ancient healing to the modern world by offering essential and fixed oils, which have a history of approximately 6000 years, in our Aromatherapy category.


Our brand, which has been a supporter of sustainable life since the first day, supports human health with its products with clean content and the health of our planet with its packaging suitable for recycling with its ISO 14001: 2015 - Environmental Management System certificate.


ISO 10002 - By keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront with the customer satisfaction quality management system, by constantly developing the best on the way we set out with the inspiration we get from nature.  We are walking with you.

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