Our Sustainability Principle

Polente Natural: A Pioneering Natural Cosmetics Brand in Sustainability
Worldwide, sustainability has become central to business. As Polente Natural, we not only offer superior products, but also move towards becoming a pioneer of sustainable life by adopting a business model that is sensitive to the environment, society and the future.
We Protect Our Environment with Eco-Friendly Packaging
Polente Natural is leading the way in reducing plastic use by using environmentally friendly packaging. We prefer recyclable, biodegradable or reusable packaging materials to contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and prevention of environmental pollution.
We Support Sustainable Resources
As a brand, we prevent overexploitation of natural resources by procuring our raw materials from sustainable sources. We support organic farming practices and adopt an environmentally friendly approach by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides.
We Protect the Environment with Energy Efficiency
We increase energy efficiency by using renewable energy sources in production processes. In this way, we minimize environmental impacts and use energy resources more efficiently.
We attach importance to waste reduction and recycling
We focus on reducing waste and encouraging recycling in our production processes. This contributes to preserving natural resources and reducing the amount of garbage.
We Commit to Fighting Climate Change
As Polente Natural, we try to minimize carbon emissions to reduce the carbon footprint. At the same time, we aim to create a positive impact by supporting projects to combat climate change.
We are Intertwined with Society and Education
We organize educational campaigns and workshops to raise awareness of our consumers and society about sustainable living and environmental protection. We aim to increase social awareness about sustainability.
We Build Trust with Transparency and Reporting
We adopt a transparent approach to our sustainability practices and regularly report our progress. This gives consumers confidence and proves our commitment.
We Defend Justice with Ethical Supply Chain Management
We promote ethical and sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. We expect business partners to comply with fair labor conditions and environmental standards.
We Contribute to Society with Social Responsibility Projects
We support social responsibility projects and carry out our own projects in areas such as environmental protection, education and public health. This increases our brand's contribution to society.
We are Preparing for the Future with Continuous Improvement and Innovation
We constantly review our sustainability practices and seek innovative solutions. This ensures our ongoing commitment to sustainability.
At Polente Natural, we are committed to strengthening our commitment to sustainability and making a positive impact on the world. If you would like to join this movement and join us for a more sustainable future, you can support this important journey by choosing Polente Natural products. Together we can build a greener world.