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Persistent Cystic Acne Causes and Acne Treatment

Acne treatment is one of the most difficult skin problems to deal with. Some types of acne disappear with care and attention, while others are stubborn. These stubborn pimples, called cystic acne, can be seen all over the body, but usually occur on the face area. It can be much more painful and reddened than the normal type of acne. It is possible to cope with careful care and the right treatment method.

What is a stain and how does it occur?

Skin spot is the general name of the color changes observed as a result of the skin being affected by various internal and external factors. It can be observed as redness or regional spotting that is darker than the skin tone. There is no single reason for the formation of skin spots. Both internal factors such as changes in hormone balance and external environmental factors such as the sun can cause permanent and regional changes in skin color. Skin spots may become more obvious depending on the season or various periods. Skin spots are usually;

  1. Being exposed to the sun's rays for a long time without protection,
  2. Scars left after skin problems such as acne, acne and blackheads,
  3. Slowing of cell regeneration due to aging,
  4. Some drugs that affect hormone levels,
  5. Laser, peeling etc. aggressive practices,
  6. It occurs due to reasons such as applications that require more heat application than normal to the skin tissue.

Although blemishes are thought to be one of the permanent skin problems, it can be overcome with a spot-removing serum formulated for local benefits, various dermatological applications and careful protection.

Spotted Skin Care and Spot Treatment

A skin free from color inequalities and skin problems is everyone's dream. However, providing and maintaining this requires a very careful and privileged care for some. Although the problem of stain formation is sometimes unavoidable, it is not unsolvable with special care.

It is the right approach to act according to the following two different purposes in stained skin care.

  • Prevention of stain formation

It is much easier to prevent the formation of stains than to try to get rid of skin stains afterwards. By taking precautions, spots caused by various traces, spots caused by the effects of the sun, or spots caused by processes such as laser can be prevented up to one hundred percent. It is necessary to be aware of this situation in skin care and to use sunscreen products with a protection factor of 30-50 in order to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun in summer and winter. In addition, it is important to renew the protective product every two hours and to avoid the sun at noon, when the sun's rays are the greatest risk for the skin, to prevent the formation of spots.

  • Preventing the increase or darkening of existing spots and getting rid of spots

Spot treatment requires long-term maintenance and careful protection of the skin afterwards. Both those with spot-treated skin and those who want to get rid of spots should prefer ingredients specially prepared for blemished skin. With its vitamin C content, Polente Natural Glow Serum is formulated with natural ingredients to eliminate color inequalities and restore the glow of the skin. Vitamin C Complex in its content works with Squalane to reduce the dark appearance. Supports skin regeneration and lightening with Rosehip Seed Oil and Baobab Oil. It works miracles with regular use for blemished skin. Dermatologically approved methods to get rid of the appearance of blemishes must be supported with the right skin care products.

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