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Benefits of Liquid Gold Jojoba Oil for Skin and Hair Care

What is jojoba oil?

Pure jojoba oil has a clear golden appearance. For this reason, this oil, which the Indians call "liquid gold", is one of the richest aromatherapy extracts in terms of vitamin E. Let's take a look at the benefits of this precious essence, which is most preferred in skin care and hair care!

Jojoba oil is obtained from the seeds of a shrub-like plant called “simmondsia chinensis” in the literature. This desert-loving plant is grown mainly in Israel, India, Arizona, California and Mexico. The life span of the jojoba plant is quite long, and almost half of a seed consists of oil. Therefore, it is a very productive plant. It is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids and contains intensely vitamin E.

5 benefits of jojoba oil for skin 

  • Jojoba oil is a very valuable source of moisture. It is used to maintain the moisture balance of the skin, to saturate it with moisture, and for its plump and lively appearance. 
  • It is great at fighting the signs of aging. With its high moisture supply feature, it quickly eliminates the appearance of fine wrinkles on the skin and prevents the formation of new wrinkles. It gives youth to the skin. 
  • It is a non-comedogenic oil, so it cares without clogging the pores. It prevents the formation of blackheads. 
  • It is an essential oil with antibacterial properties. In this way, it accelerates the healing of the inflamed tissue. It accelerates the healing of skin disorders such as fly and insect bites, acne and wounds.
  • Increases skin elasticity. In this way, it reduces the appearance of cracks on the skin and prevents the formation of new cracks. 


How to use jojoba oil for skin?

Jojoba oil is an essential oil that can be applied directly to the skin. It can be preferred to remove make-up by dripping on a cotton ball. After skin care, a few drops of jojoba oil can be applied to the skin by massaging with fingertips for moisturizing needs. It can be preferred to accelerate blood circulation during face yoga.

5 benefits of jojoba oil for hair

  • The first of the benefits of jojoba oil for hair is to calm the hair. Prevents electrification in hair 
  • Jojoba oil prevents dandruff formation. It provides intense moisture to the scalp and prevents the formation of dryness and dandruff. 
  • Heat, paint etc. For damaged hair due to chemical processes, a hair mask with jojoba oil can be applied. Jojoba oil is one of the most valuable supporters of hair repair. 
  • It accelerates hair growth by nourishing the hair follicles. 
  • It provides moisture to the hair strands and helps prevent shedding and split ends. 

How to use jojoba oil for hair?

Jojoba oil can be applied to the hair as a leave-in hair oil. 3-4 drops of jojoba oil can be applied to the ends of the hair, dry or wet. It can also be applied as a hair mask. Jojoba oil, which is applied by massaging the hair roots, is left for 1 hour and rinsed. 

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