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Benefits of Pure Rose Oil, Fascinating With Its Pleasant Fragrance

Rose oil, which is obtained from rose petals that fascinates with its pleasant smell, is one of the most precious oils of aromatherapy. Invaluable healing in a few drops in its pure form, this essential is known for its numerous benefits for physical, spiritual and mental issues. If you are wondering what rose oil is good for and what are the benefits of pure rose oil, keep reading! 

How to obtain pure rose oil?

It is very difficult to obtain rose oil, which stands out with its scent among essential oils. Pure rose oil is obtained by going through several stages to preserve its fragrance. With the gradual application of the steam distillation method, the rose oil is filtered from the rose petals in the final stage. This process is both laborious and costly. Approximately 3-4 kilograms of rose petals are needed to obtain one milliliter of pure rose oil. It is frequently used in the cosmetics industry, especially for its pleasant smell and for its numerous benefits that show itself even with a drop.

Polente Natural Rose Essential Oil is obtained by 100% steam distillation method. A small amount of rose oil is a very valuable essential oil because it is obtained from a large amount of rose petals. 

What are the benefits of pure rose oil?

Rose oil is an essential oil for skin care as well as for general health, mood and mental processes. Since it is a very strong aromatherapy essence, it is often used diluted with various carrier oils. Those who use pure rose oil are advised to do an allergy test beforehand.

  • Rose oil is the highest frequency aromatherapy oil. It is used in various mental works such as raising energy with a frequency of 320 Hz, protecting the aura and energy field. Meditators often prefer rose oil. It makes you feel happy and energetic.
  • Rose oil is among the oils that increase the feminine energy thanks to its very high frequency and the pleasant smell it emits. It is often preferred in women's perfumes.
  • It is known for its ability to prevent and relax stress. It is a calming essential oil. 
  • It has pain relieving properties.
  • Rose oil, which removes bad breath, freshens the breath. 
  • It can be preferred for skin disorders with its healing properties. Rose oil can be diluted with various aromatherapy extracts for eczema, itching, skin wounds, etc. 
  • When it is included in various mixtures as massage oil, it both helps to accelerate blood circulation and increases the effect of massage by relaxing the body. 
  • Those who use rose oil can opt for this aromatherapy essence for acne treatment. It is an oil with very high antiseptic properties. For this reason, it is used in the treatment of acnes caused by the formation of microbes.
  • Because it is very rich in antioxidants, it is one of the most preferred essential oils to combat fine wrinkles. It helps to eliminate the signs of aging. 
  • It is one of the oils with high moisture retention properties. It removes skin dryness and supports the skin's plump and moist appearance. 
  • It is preferred to lighten the appearance of spots caused by the sun and pregnancy. 
  • It can be preferred as a natural perfume with its pleasant smell. 
  • Rose oil is a very effective stimulant for the mind due to its high frequency. It is known to accelerate the recovery of mental problems such as dementia and memory loss and to slow the progression of disease symptoms. 
  • Rose oil, which is used by massaging the abdomen, eliminates the problem of constipation. 
  • It is used as a support in the treatment of depression with its happiness and energizing properties. 

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