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Miraculous Effects of Natural Soaps Produced with Aromatherapy Oils

Nature is our greatest treasure! The answers to all the questions sought for care and beauty are hidden in natural ingredients that have been used for centuries. Natural soaps prepared with aromatic oils obtained from plant extracts; At first it was a basic care product for health and cleanliness. Natural soaps have become one of the most important care products as their effects in the field of beauty have been noticed over time. Containing precious essences for hair and skin care, these soaps have miraculous effects for solving different problems.

Natural Soaps for Deep Cleaning

The first task of natural soaps is to purify the skin and hair. In doing so, they also deal with skin problems. This is because its ingredients are made up of completely natural ingredients. Natural soaps prepared with traditional methods away from chemicals are suitable for use in hair and skin cleaning for people of all ages, especially babies and children.

With its abundant foaming and moist content, handmade olive oil soap is one of the most basic cleansing soaps. It purifies the dirt and oil on the skin with its content that deeply cleans the pores.

Antiseptic Effect of Natural Ingredients in Fighting Acne and Pimples

The most important step in dealing with the problem of acne and blackheads is deep cleaning. However, the chemical ingredients used during the cleaning process damage the beneficial sebum tissue in the skin. This causes acne and blackhead formation. Problem skin needs a gentle cleansing to deal with skin problems. Thanks to the special aromatherapy oils it contains, natural soaps create visible effects in gentle cleansing and fighting skin problems.

Ingredients derived from plant extracts such as tea tree oil and lavender oil are effective ingredients used to fight acne. Polente Natural Tea Tree Soap provides the cleaning needed for acne problem with the antiseptic effect of the tea tree in its content. It deeply cleans the pores filled with dirt and oil and prevents the formation of bacteria. Tea tree oil soap can be used for all types of dry, normal, oily and combination skin types that suffer from acne, pimples and blackheads. While purifying the skin, it offers an effective solution to skin problems with the power it receives from nature.

Polente Natural Lavender Soap is also effective in fighting acne and blackhead problems. It protects the sebum balance while cleansing the skin thanks to the herbal essence that provides intense moisture and coconut. Natural lavender soap prevents the formation of skin problems by keeping the skin in its natural moisture balance.

Herbal Extracts to Meet Moisture Needs

Moisture is the most important issue for both skin and hair care. When the natural moisture balance of the skin and hair is disturbed, many problems come along. Problems such as dryness in the hair, itching on the scalp and dandruff, hair breakage, easy wear and tear are the problems that occur due to moisture loss. Moisture loss in the skin; It causes problems such as increased wrinkles, dryness, itching, sensitivity, dullness, excessive sebum secretion. For this reason, it is important to choose ingredients that will saturate the skin and hair with moisture at every stage of care.

Handmade olive oil soap, which is free from chemical ingredients, is one of the most valuable sources of moisture. While purifying the skin and hair, the vitamin E in olive oil provides the needed moisture. Herbal soaps can be included in the care routine for glowing skin and healthy hair.

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