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Lavender Oil: The Most Used Essential Oil and Its Benefits

Lavender oil, which does not end with counting benefits for both skin and mental health, is the most used essential oil in the world. Its healing has been known since ancient times. Lavender oil benefits are a plant extract that was discovered about 2500 years ago. This oil, which was used for mummification and fragrance during the Egyptian period, is also important for modern aromatherapy. For many years, it has been used in many areas from cosmetics to alternative medicine due to its antiseptic, antioxidant and calming properties.

How to Obtain Lavender Oil and What Are Its Benefits?

Vast lavender fields enchant visitors with their pleasant scent. Lavenders, which are carefully grown in the fields, can be used both fresh and dried due to their essential properties. However, this special plant from the honey-babagiller family hides a much greater healing than its enchanting scent. For this, the essence of the plant is revealed by going through some processes.

Lavender oil; It is obtained by steam distillation from fresh flowering end branches. The resulting oil is a hundred percent natural plant extract. Very little oil is obtained from very large quantities of fresh flowers. This oil is very valuable as it contains the benefits of tons of fresh flowers. The price of lavender oil is among the products that deserve it to the end, considering the miraculous effects and numerous uses in its content.

Lavender Oil to Cope with Stress

Lavender oil does great things in coping with stress with its pleasant scent. Its most common known benefit is its calming effect in combating tension and restlessness. This pleasant fragrance; It helps to treat ailments such as stress-induced headaches and depression. It balances the stress level and relaxes the body and mind. It is known for its relaxing properties. A few drops of lavender oil used during the massage greatly increases the relaxing effect of the massage.

It is also used as a solution for sleep problems, thanks to its relaxing effect. It helps to have a comfortable sleep by shortening the time to fall asleep. If you are thinking about how to use lavender oil, you should keep in mind that even just a few drops are quite effective. It can be used by dripping a few drops on the pillow or preferred as a room fragrance. It can be added to the water during cleaning or its scent can be used with the help of a censer and diffuser.

It also has a relaxing effect for the restlessness and painful days of the menstrual period. A few drops of lavender oil applied by massaging the abdominal area relieves pain and calms the mood.

Antibacterial Properties of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil inhibits the growth of bacteria on the skin surface. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it is effective in preventing acne and pimple formation. For those wondering how to use lavender oil for acne, the answer is quite simple. Lavender oil is an essential oil that can be applied directly to the skin without any treatment. For this, it can be used directly in oil form or products containing 100% lavender oil can be preferred.

A few drops of lavender oil dripped onto a cotton ball prevents the growth of bacteria and stops the formation of acne. In addition to regional applications like this, it can also be used for larger areas by diluting with different fixed oils or dripping into care products.

In herbal soaps to be used for face and body cleaning, lavender soap can be preferred to prevent acne and acne problems. Polente Natural Lavender Soap prevents the formation of bacteria on the skin with its 100% herbal content. For pore care as a next step, Polente Natural Lavender Water Tonic can be included in the care routine. Body lotions containing lavender oil can be used to deal with skin imperfections in whole body care.

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