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4 Unknown Benefits of Skin Cleaning with Sea Sponge

The sea sponge has been used for beauty and care for many years. This special product, which is the gift of nature, plays an active role in effective care in addition to face and body cleaning. The sea sponge that comes from the depths of the Mediterranean and meets the skin has many positive effects for the skin. The product, which helps for care, helps a radiant skin appearance, both alone and in combination with various care products.

With its 100% natural content, it is both skin and nature friendly.

Sea sponge is a 100% natural product that has countless benefits for the skin. It is obtained by carefully collecting from the deep bottoms of the seas. Unlike synthetic sponges, these special sponges taken from the depths of nature are both skin and nature friendly. For this reason, it is safe to use without allergic reactions, even for the sensitive skin of babies.

It is the most natural alternative to bring cleaning products to the skin. Moreover, when stored in suitable conditions, it can be used for many years without losing its properties.

Prevent acne formation with its antibacterial properties

The reason why the cleaning step is the most important step in skin care is the need to remove the bacteria that will cause acne and blackhead formation from the skin surface. Many people neglect to clean their skin on days when they do not wear make-up or leave the house. This means that the excess sebum secreted throughout the day and the dirt in the air are not removed from the skin. Sea sponge is suitable for natural facial cleaning at such times without the need for care products. It helps to clean the skin surface due to its antibacterial structure. On days when extra cleaning is needed, the sea sponge can be used for skin cleaning by foaming with a suitable cleaner.

Accelerates cell regeneration by increasing blood circulation

Applying cleansing products for the face and body with a sea sponge is much more effective than applying with the help of fingers. The reason for this is the effect of accelerating blood circulation during the application of the sponge. This situation;

  • Increasing skin elasticity,
  • Decrease in the appearance of wrinkles,
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite,
  • Reducing the appearance of acne spots and sun spots,
  • The disappearance of the tired appearance,
  • It brings many effects such as the elimination of color inequalities in the skin.

It cleans the pores deeply with its natural rough surface.

How to apply it to the skin is as important as the choice of cleansing products. In this respect, it is very important to provide a gentle application while cleaning the pores deeply. Thanks to its special texture, the sea sponge is effective in purifying the dead skin and deeply cleaning the pores. When wetted with water, its soft texture suitable for gentle cleansing provides a gentle yet effective care without irritating the skin. The most ideal dimensions and sponge pores should be carefully selected for skin cleaning. The texture and quality of the sponge and its suitability for skin types are important. Polente Natural Facial Cleansing Sponge has been obtained by using the right agricultural methods and environmentally friendly methods in the required standards.

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