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In Which Order Are Skin Care Products Applied?

Skin care has two golden rules. First; which skin care products are used, and the second one; is the chosen skin care order. The order in which the products are applied is as important as the order of care. This guide has been prepared for those who want to get the maximum benefit from the care products used by following the right application steps!

Cleaning the skin and then moisturizing are familiar skin care steps in skin care. However, when serums, aromatherapy oils, skin masks, sunscreens, peelings and many other skin care products are included, it can be confusing how to apply these products. Read on to find out the application order of skin care products!

  • Step 1: Cleanse the skin

    The first step of skin care is to cleanse the skin of dirt and debris. It is necessary to clean the skin, which is polluted during the day due to many factors such as weather conditions, dust, make-up residue, at the beginning of the care routine to prepare it for all other steps. In this step, eyes, lips and skin should be cleansed of make-up residues. A cleansing oil can be preferred for double-stage cleaning in make-up removal. The skin can then be washed with a cleansing product in soap, foam or gel form. Coconut oil or jojoba oil can be preferred for those who are looking for a natural solution to remove make-up residues.

    Even if the skin does not have any make-up residue, it should be washed with a cleansing product suitable for the skin type. Cleaning products such as clay mask and peeling, which are included in the weekly skin care routine, can be included in the cleaning phase. 

    • Step 2: Applying tonic

      The use of tonic is one of the steps that is usually skipped in skin care stages. However, considering the importance of tonic application for the skin, this is a very wrong behavior. The tonic is used to provide deep cleansing of the pores after the cleansing step. Since not all skin types fight the same problem, the important thing here is to choose a tonic suitable for the skin type. Otherwise, tonic, which is an effective product, can wear off the skin barrier. 

      In regular use, tonics are one of the most important products to tighten the pores and provide a smooth appearance on the skin.

      *** Regional Maintenance

      After the skin is thoroughly cleaned with the first two steps, the products used for regional solutions are applied according to the skin's concern (if any). Products preferred for regional acne or blackheads can be an example of this. At this stage, in order to get the most effective result from local applications, it is necessary to wait about ten minutes after the application and move on to other steps. In this way, the skin can absorb the product and provide the highest benefit. 

      • Step 3: Serum

        Serum is one of the most complex care products. It is possible to find different serums for each skin type and problem. For this reason, the important thing at this stage is to choose a product suitable for the skin type and to solve the problem. Among the serum types that have many different purposes such as tightening the skin, providing a bright appearance, giving intense moisture or dealing with skin spots, the appropriate one for the skin is selected and applied in this step. 

        • Step 4: Eye Care

          The area around the eyes is the area where signs of aging are seen the fastest. In order to cope with fine wrinkles and tired appearance, eye care products that give intense moisture and brighten the eye area should be applied. Especially towards the end of the twenties, this step should definitely be included in skin care. 

          • Step 5: Applying Moisturizer

            The most important step that should not be skipped for all skin types is to apply moisturizer. Oily skins often think that they don't need moisturizer at this stage because of their skin type. However, all skin types need to be supplemented with moisture. Otherwise, the sebum balance of the skin will be disrupted and problems such as excess oiliness, acne and blackhead formation may occur. Lips should not be neglected during the moisturizing phase. At this stage, natural aromatherapy oils that provide intense moisture to the skin can also be preferred to moisturize the skin. 

            • Step 6: Sunscreen

              The sun is one of the most damaging factors to the skin. Unprotected exposure to the sun is one of the main causes of skin blemishes, weakened skin barrier and dryness of the skin. After the daytime skin care routine, applying a sunscreen with high sun protection is the last step of the care routine.

              Since each skin type has different needs, new items can be added to this seven-stage care sequence. However, if these steps are followed regularly with appropriate care products for a clean, tight and sparkling skin, the effect will be seen in a short time. As the best suggestion for a vibrant skin: don't forget to drink plenty of water for a good skin!