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Our body needs moisture too!

Body care is as important as facial care. After completing the cleaning step with a nice shower, using a body moisturizer is a must. Using a humidifier is a step that should not be skipped. Because whatever the skin type, the body may have a different moisture requirement compared to the face. Here are a few suggestions to pamper our body, which is affected by thirst, external factors such as adverse weather conditions and fatigue during the day, and to make it soft by saturating it with moisture!

Choose the right body moisturizer for your skin

When choosing a body moisturizer, the most important issue to consider before its smell, color or consistency is whether it will meet the needs of our skin. For oily or combination skin, lighter and water-based products such as body milk and body lotion may be sufficient. However, for sensitive, tense and extremely dry skin with occasional flaking, products with a high moisture-holding capacity should be preferred.

Massage moisturizer for maximum moisture.

Which moisturizer is preferred is as important as how it is applied to the skin. The skin is sensitive and receptive to warnings. It waits ready to absorb the humidifier. With a little massage support, the blood circulation in the skin can be accelerated and the effect of the moisturizer can be increased.

Moisturize your body right after shower

During a pleasant shower, the skin is saturated with moisture by the effect of water. However, the moisture requirement of the pores opened due to steam is at the highest level right after the shower. Therefore, good hydration after bathing is important for the skin to meet its moisture needs throughout the day. You can lock moisture into your skin with body lotions filled with valuable ingredients. Thus, you can maintain the elasticity and softness of the skin.

Polente Natural, a light body lotion with a floral scent of Jasmine and Lavender, can be used to revitalize the skin after bathing. You can also choose Polente Body Lotion with Orange Blossom and Green Tangerine to replenish energy while moisturizing the skin.

Avoid products that dry the skin

Not every skin care product is suitable for all skin types. Some products dry the skin by preventing excess sebum secretion to balance moisture. These products, which are usually included in the care routines of those with oily skin type, may not be suitable for skin that needs intense moisture. When choosing a cleaning product for body care, you can choose products enriched with ingredients that will provide moisture while cleaning instead of ingredients that will dry the skin.

Establish a routine for body care

The rule that applies to the majority of care products is that the effect can be observed with regular use. Skin loves routines and habits. You can define a cleaning, moisturizing and care routine for your skin according to its needs and repeat it daily, weekly or monthly. For example, you can prepare your skin, which is saturated with moisture by using dry oil every day, by exfoliating on a weekly basis to ensure better retention of the moisturizer.

Treat extra dry areas with extra care

Not every part of the skin needs moisture equally. Elbows, knees, feet and hands in particular need more special care. You can use a more intense moisturizing product on these areas compared to the body moisturizer you use for the rest of your body.

With its intense Squalene content, Polente Violet Dry Oil provides intense moisture to extra-drying areas. It should be used regularly for a velvety feel in dry areas.

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