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Things to Know About Hormonal Acne-Pimple

 Hormonal acne is one of the most stubborn skin problems. This skin problem can be seen throughout life due to various hormonal imbalances. The first of these is the adolescence period. During adolescence, 85% of young people deal with acne caused by hormonal disorders. However, if there is no underlying cause, the skin reaches its natural balance by early adulthood and hormonal acne - acne problems calm down.

While you think that you are getting rid of the effects of the full adolescence period, you may encounter acne problem again in some periods. This may bother you, but there is no need to worry. Because the cause of this acne problem is usually imbalances in the hormonal system. Hormonal acne, although stubborn, is a treatable acne problem.

What are the factors that cause hormonal acne?

The acne problem is usually associated with the youth period. However, this is unfortunately not true. According to many studies, almost half of men and women over their twenties continue to deal with the problem of acne. Disorders that cause hormonal disorders, periods such as menstrual period and pregnancy are the periods when hormonal acne is seen regardless of age.

Premenstrual acne is common in women. This is quite natural, as it is a period when hormones that increase oil production are active. Some diseases that bring along menstrual irregularity cause hormonal acne to appear more severe and appear as cystic and painful pimples. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can cause hormonal imbalance and acne problem. The treatment of this disease is also the first step in the recovery of the acne problem.

Pregnancy, like the menstrual period, is a process that changes women's hormone levels and affects the skin. During this period when the body is under the influence of hormones, oil secretion in the skin is at its highest level. This leads to clogged pores and acne formation.

Where does hormonal acne originate?

It gives a clue about the underlying cause in which area the acne originates. During adolescence, acne is usually seen in the T-zone. Intense blackhead formation and acne problems on the forehead, nose and chin are the problems faced by young people in adolescence. Hormone-induced acne, which occurs in adulthood, usually manifests itself with acne on the chin. If there is a problem with acne on the edges of the mouth, jaw line, chin, this is usually caused by hormones.

Acne on the body can have many causes. Skin care products that are not rinsed well can be given as an example of these reasons. However, acne seen in women, especially in the neck, chest and back area with the approach of the menstrual period, may also be caused by hormones. Acne seen in these areas may increase depending on various periods and situations.

  • Stress,
  • Irregular life and not getting enough sleep,
  • Changes in hormones with the use of various drugs,
  • ailments such as hyperthyroidism,
  • Insufficient cleansing of the skin
  • Causes such as squeezing acne are the leading ones.

Acne from hormonal disorders may be a sign of an underlying health problem. Skin cleansing and careful care calms and calms the hormonal acne-acne problem.

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