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The Importance of Serum in Skin Care Routine

Serums are exclusive care products that take care of every skin problem. These special products in small bottles, which we have come across frequently in recent years, are now indispensable for skin care. Although it is generally thought that it will not have an effect due to its small packaging, just a few drops of serum to be included in the skin care routine can create surprising improvements in a short time thanks to its concentrated structure. Products such as spot serum, acne serum, collagen serum, prepared with effective ingredients for a flawless skin, fight the problems of different skin types. The serum can contain calming, illuminating and improving elasticity to fight wrinkles. Enriched with natural ingredients, even a drop creates miracles in regular use!

Calming Pimple Serum: Prevents acne and pimple formation

Acne-prone skin is typically large-pored, high-oil, and sensitive. Large pores are ideal environments for bacteria to multiply and problems such as acne, pimples and blackheads arise. For this reason, it is very important to prevent the formation of bacteria while meeting the moisture need of acne-prone skin.

It is necessary to support the skin both by moisturizing it sufficiently to balance the highly secreted sebum and by keeping the pores clean with antibacterial ingredients to prevent acne formation. Acne serum is one of the ideal products to prevent the formation of acne, pimples and blackheads by providing rapid healing of skin problems with regular use.

Thanks to the antibacterial property of Tea Tree Essential Oil in Polente Natural Acne-Pimple Serum, it keeps the pores clean. In its content; Thanks to Tea Tree Essential Oil, Green Tea Extract, Manuka Oil, Magnolia Bark Extract and Beet Extract, it helps acne breakouts faster and prevents the formation of new acne. Acne serum, which is included in the skin care routine, fights skin problems locally, thanks to healing extracts from nature. The anti-inflammatory property of Beet Extract provides the skin with the feeling of cleanliness it needs by controlling the problem areas.

Illuminating Blemish Serum: Fights against skin blemishes

Blemish is a skin problem that can be seen in every skin type. Especially the harmful effects of the sun show itself on the skin as darkening the existing spots or the formation of new spots. Specially formulated valuable ingredients can be included in the care routine to deal with the problem of blemishes on the skin. Spot serum can be used at any age in order to equalize the regional darkness with the skin and to eliminate the difference in tone. It is sufficient to use 4-5 drops of stain serum to be added to the daily skin care routine for a radiant skin with no difference in tone.

Polente Vitamin C Glow Serum, the content of which is filled with special herbal extracts from the heart of nature, brightens the skin by fighting against tone differences. Squalene's illuminating effect supports the well-known success of vitamin C in combating blemishes.

Vitamin C Complex from Japan rich in vitamins; Enriched with Orange Essential Oil, Orange Blossom Essential Oil, Mandarin Essential Oil. Specially prepared for skin with blemishes, the blemish serum helps to move away from the matte appearance and shine with its strong antioxidant content.

Rejuvenating Collagen Serum: Increases skin elasticity

Collagen production, which maintains the moisture balance of the skin, decreases with age. However, the skin loses its elasticity over time and the appearance of wrinkles appears. In this case, moisturizing the skin regularly will not be enough to restore the needed moisture. With the collagen serum, it is aimed to reduce the signs of aging by providing the skin with the collagen support it needs from the outside. It is included in the skin care routine and with regular use, the appearance of wrinkles is reduced, the skin becomes moist, plump, supple and bright.

Polente Natural Collagen Serum brings together the regenerative power of nature with the skin texture with rich herbal ingredients with anti-aging effect in its formula. Squalene, which is a 100% plant-derived ingredient, supports the prolongation of cell life; Grape Seed Oil and Pomegranate Seed Oil help the skin regain its elasticity with their anti-wrinkle effects. It is possible to wake up with a bright and moist skin in the morning, especially thanks to a few drops of collagen serum to be included in the night care routine!

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