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Include Squalene-Containing Products in Your Skin Care Routine

Who doesn't want a skin that defies years , shines with health and is vigorous? A healthy skin is not a dream with the right products to be included in the care routine. Facial cleansing products, moisturizing cream, body lotions or peelings… Regardless of the product to be included in the care routine, care should be taken to contain valuable extracts. Squalene (Squalene) is one of these valuable extracts that have been very popular lately. Its star shines as it is a 100% natural and effective ingredient!

Which products contain Squalene?

Squalene (Squalene) is an apocalyptic ingredient that increases the effect of product formulas in which it is included. The biggest reason for this is that it comes from the heart of nature. This ingredient, which is obtained from herbal products such as olive and sugar cane, is very valuable both for nature and for the skin. This 100% natural content is included in the content of many products as it is obtained from sustainable sources. This ingredient, which has many effects such as revitalizing the skin, brightening, moisturizing and lightening, is also preferred for hair and body care.

Polente Natural, which contains Squalane in many of its ingredients, offers effective and attentive care to sensitive skin. In Polente Natural, special formulations such as creams, lotions, peels, serums and dry oil can be incorporated into every step of Squalene care. Natural extracts meet the skin with Polente Natural's products containing Squalane. These unique encounters turn into enjoyable routines.

Moisturizers with Squalane

Niacinamide & Squalane Moisturizing Cream can be included in the day and night care routine by all skin types. It provides a light and effective care with Macadamia Oil and Blueberry Extract in its content. Its water-based structure helps the miraculous Squalene and Niacinamide content to be easily absorbed by the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid & Squalane Moisturizing Cream provides intense moisture to flaky and dry skin. Squalane and Hyaluronic acid, which are naturally found in sebum in the skin, moisturize the skin with its rich formula.

Jasmine-Lavender Body Lotion and Orange Blossom & Green Mandarin Body Lotion contain Squalane in addition to valuable extracts. Both lotions

They are unique moisture sources to nourish the body with natural products in summer and winter.

Polente Violet Multi-Purpose Dry Oil provides the skin with the moisture it needs with its intense Squalene content. It can be preferred to meet the need for moisture in both skin and hair care. Thanks to the wonderful combination of Shea Butter and Squalane, it nourishes effectively while leaving a soft feeling after use.

After Shave Moist Cream relieves post-shave irritation and sensitivity by providing an effective boost of moisture. The formula enriched with squalane provides a bright, nourished and well-groomed skin while keeping the skin healthy.

Peels and masks containing squalene

Strawberry Squalane Glow Peel is formulated to restore and revitalize the lost shine of the skin. While the micro sugar crystals in its content help to get rid of dead skin, Squalene and Macadamia Oil prevent the skin from drying out.

Caffeine Squalane Soothing Peeling is a perfect combination of Marula Oil and Squalane, a precious and rare oil to relieve skin fatigue. These two precious essences, together with micro coffee particles, both purify the skin surface and enable the skin to regain its vigorous and energetic appearance.

Blueberry Squalane Refresh Peeling, with its specially created formula for problematic skin, fights the formation of blackheads. It does not dry the skin while purifying the dirt and oil that clog the pores. Thus, it prevents excessive sebum production and blackhead formation due to moisture loss. Squalane helps the skin surface shine brightly by trapping the moisture in the skin.

Hair-Beard Care Gel Mask ensures that hair and beards get the moisture they need. Providing excellent softness, Squalane reduces breakage and prevents dry and moisture-free appearance.

Serums containing squalene

Collagen Serum is specially formulated to combat anti-aging effects. The serum, full of valuable oils, offers an effective Anti-Aging care on wrinkles. A valuable source of moisture, Squalane helps to lighten fine wrinkles and prevent the formation of new wrinkles by intensely moisturizing the skin with collagen serum.

Vitamin C Glow Serum helps to prevent and eliminate skin texture deterioration, color unevenness, and the formation of blemishes. Squalane, which makes a great contribution to the bright and radiant appearance of the skin, meets the skin with Vitamin C Glow Serum, and provides a radiant skin appearance by coming together with other valuable essences.

Dry Oil Beard Serum is prepared for those who want to benefit from the miraculous effects of Squalene in male care. The moisture support needed in beard care is provided with valuable extracts such as Squalane and Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil.

Establishing a routine is as important as choosing the content that is effective at every step of care. Products containing Squalane, which are included in the day and night care routine and used regularly, create a miraculous glow on the skin in a short time!

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