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Squalane (Squalene) Known For Its Anti-Aging Effect

The skin wears out and ages over time. Although it is not possible to completely stop aging, it is possible to slow it down. Anti-aging products, also known as anti-aging, help to erase the traces of years. It is important to use beneficial and natural ingredients for the skin in order to have a vibrant, bright and youthful skin. Squalane (Squalene) is one of the most effective ingredients that respond to the skin's need for renewal. Squalane is a special ingredient with countless benefits. This miraculous ingredient is known for its effects in fighting the appearance of wrinkles and brightening the skin.

Why does the skin age?

The skin changes with growth depending on many factors. The appearance of the skin changes in every period of life. The skin, which is lively, soft and has almost no pore appearance during infancy and childhood, changes over time. There are different reasons for this change.

aging caused by aging;

It is unavoidable that the skin changes over time as you age. The human body naturally ages. With aging, cell renewal and proliferation also slows down. This process, which begins in the late twenties, continues visibly over the years. Of course, aging due to aging cannot be stopped, but its effects can be mitigated and slowed down with various cosmetic and care products.

Aging due to external factors;

Years are not the only factor that ages the skin. In addition, many external factors accelerate the loss of freshness and aging of the skin. Factors such as not being protected from the sun's rays, habits such as alcohol and cigarettes that have great negative effects on cell renewal, and faulty cosmetic applications wear out the skin. External factors can be kept under control with various measures and the use of supportive products. Wrinkles formed by the loss of elasticity of the skin, especially due to external factors, can be alleviated with appropriate care products.

After what age should Anti Aging ingredients be used?

The use of anti-aging products can be started in the late twenties to delay the aging of the skin and maintain its youthful appearance. In the first stage, products containing intense moisture can be used to fight fine wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity. Appropriate products should be preferred in order to cope with the effects of aging such as wrinkles, dullness and staining in advancing ages.

Generally, different care products are used as ingredients for all ages. But natural and special ingredients like Squalane for the skin fight the effects of aging at any age. Among the benefits of Squalane, which is naturally found in the sebum of the skin, the most well-known is its effect on the regeneration of skin tissue. Many of the Polente Natural products help you defy the years with its rich Squalane content. Squalane, which contains many ingredients such as dry oil, stain serum, collagen serum, provides the skin's moisture need with natural ingredients.

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