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Skin Care in Five Steps - Morning Care Routine

We know that with skin cleansing applied at the end of the day, we destroy the make-up residues accumulated on the skin and the bad effects of polluted air. Well, is it necessary to apply natural skin care when we wake up in the morning? Our body, which works to repair our skin during sleep, produces oil. This is the reason for the oil that accumulates on our face in the morning. Also, even our pillow makes it possible for our skin to be re-contaminated. Therefore, we need to repeat our natural skin care routine in order to get rid of the oil and dirt accumulated on our skin during sleep and to allow our skin to form its guard against external factors that it will encounter on the new day. We can create a morning care routine in five steps to start the new day without wasting time and without neglecting our skin cleaning.

Start Your Day With Water

The positive effect of water on our body is known by all of us, but consuming this miracle as soon as we wake up is much more essential than we think. We can signal our body that we have started the day with a glass of water. It helps to speed up our kidneys, digestive system, and cleanse our body and skin from toxins.

Also, water creates a shield on the skin. It prevents the formation of signs of aging and the accumulation of edema on our face.

Purify Your Skin

The first step of skin cleansing is natural skin care products that provide deep purification. By choosing clean, water-based products, we can feel the maximum benefit of this important step. Rinsing off the peeling you apply gently with warm water also activates our blood circulation.

Firm with Tonic

It is very important to apply a tonic to the skin that has been cleansed by peeling, in order to prevent the pH value and oil production. Thus, we complete our skin cleansing and start the new day under great protection with tightened pores.

Don't Neglect Humidification

Moisturizers are indispensable in natural skin care routines. Natural ingredients, water-based moisturizers and serums create the best moisturizing products.

Look Livelier with Under-Eye Care

Our eye area, which is much more sensitive compared to other parts of our face, should be taken care of with products different from general skin cleansing products and moisturizers. It is inevitable that you will look much more alive and healthy with natural skin care to be applied to the tired and dark-colored eyes.

Little Tips

  1. Apart from our care routines, washing our face twice a day helps us to get away from the dirt accumulated in the pores.
  2. Our face needs massage just as much as our body. facial massage; accelerates blood flow, prevents wrinkles, helps to maintain the shape of our face.
  3. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep a night is the biggest help in repairing our skin.
  4. What you eat reflects on our skin. People who do not eat properly experience paleness, dryness and spots on their skin. In addition, the vitamins we get from food prevent wrinkles.
  5. When we get home, we should not waste time removing our make-up. It is very important to purify the skin, which is freed from the weight of make-up, with the help of peeling and tonic. Let's not forget that we determine the breathing time of our skin.
  6. Chemical-containing products pose a great threat to our skin and health. It is our responsibility to ourselves and to nature to choose clean, water-based, natural skin care products.
  7. We should not forget to apply water-based, natural moisturizers, which are among the best moisturizing products, to our neck and décolleté area.
  8. Cleaning the objects that come into contact with our face throughout the day is very important for our skin health. In particular, we should frequently clean objects such as headphones and phones.

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