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Causes of Dry Skin and Dry Skin Care

Drying , itchy and flaky skin is the biggest problem of many people. Dry skin, which loses its moisture much faster than normal and oily skin types, requires coping with many problems. Facial care for dry skin is usually done with products that give intense moisture. The key to a vibrant, bright and healthy-looking skin is to choose the right products. Here is a care guide for skin that is dry and needs frequent moisturizing!

What are the causes of skin dryness?

The main cause of skin dryness is the insufficient secretion of sebum, which keeps the skin moist. Skin type is a genetic trait. With proper care routine and lifestyle, skin dryness can be kept under control.

Although the skin type is genetically determined, the drier, more oily or normalization of the skin is closely related to the care products and applications. Environmental factors that cause dryness of the skin can be listed as follows:

  • The most basic factor that dries the skin is weather conditions. In cases where the temperature and the humidity level in the air decrease, the skin also loses its moisture. Especially the cold and windy winter months are the periods when the dryness of the skin is most intense.
  • Indoor heating reduces the humidity in the air, causing the skin to dry out as well. Heating, stove and heaters are among the environmental factors that cause skin dryness.
  • Hard soaps that completely remove the oil and moisture from the skin cause skin dryness.
  • Showering with much hotter water than usual dries out the skin.
  • Water is the most basic source of moisture for the skin. When there is not enough fluid consumption, the problem of dryness of the skin occurs.
  • Various skin conditions can cause dry skin to experience higher levels of skin dryness.

These conditions, which can cause dryness for all skin types, can cause bigger problems for dry skin. Problems such as itching, tenderness, redness, tension, exfoliation are often seen in dry skin. For this reason, facial and body care for dry skin requires attention to the conditions that will cause drying in addition to products that provide intense moisture.

How is skin dryness diagnosed?

The following symptoms can be observed in case of both a lifelong dry skin problem and dryness caused by various factors.

  • An unusual feeling of tightness on the skin after washing the face and skin,
  • itching ,
  • Peeling and flaking of the skin,
  • Sensibility,
  • Fine cracks on the skin surface,
  • redness,
  • Problems such as skin spots caused by scratching and cracks are indicators of dryness in the skin.

How should dry skin care be?

Dry skin needs hydration. For this reason, the first condition should be not to disturb the moisture balance of the skin and even to provide extra moisture in all the care products to be selected. Avoiding drying products that take away the moisture of the skin is at least as important as the use of intensive moisturizer.

The basis of facial care is cleansing, moisturizing and solving basic problems. For this reason, it is necessary to stay away from aggressive ingredients that will dry the skin during the cleaning step, and instead use nourishing products that give moisture while cleaning.

The choice of face cream for dry skin is of great importance. Natural moisturizing ingredients for dry skin should consist of valuable extracts that provide nourishing, intense moisture. It is possible to give the skin a lively appearance by strengthening the skin barrier, which is weakened due to drying, with the support of a moisturizer. Polente Natural Niacinamide(B3) & Squalane Moist Cream and Hyaluronic Acid & Squalane Moist Cream are products that can provide the intense moisture needed for dry skin. Both products consist of natural moisturizing ingredients for dry skin, where Squalane (Squalene), an important source of moisture for the skin, and other valuable extracts come together. Therefore, dryness, itching, tension, etc. It can be included in the skin care routine with peace of mind to solve the problems.

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