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Dual Stage Make-up Remover with Oil-Based Facial Cleanser

Cleansing the skin is the first and most important step of the skin care routine. Because a good skin cleansing ensures that all the valuable ingredients used in the later stages of the care routine are more effective. It is not enough to simply wipe the skin with a make-up remover cotton and a cleaning product to rid the skin of make-up residues, dirt and oil. Double-stage make-up removal should be done for deep cleaning of the pores and a clean skin.

Why Double-Stage Makeup Removal is Important for Skin

During the day, dirt, dust, make-up products, sunscreen residues and sebum adhere to the skin. Not cleaning these residues causes the pores to be filled, enlarged and various skin problems. The two-stage cleansing method, applied both on and off the make-up days, ensures deep cleansing of the skin.

The double cleansing method, which has been very popular in recent days, is an application that has a very important place in Korean skin care. The reason for this, of course, is that it has many benefits for a glowing and healthy skin.

  • Oil residues accumulated in the pores are effectively dissolved with an oil-based product, as in the 'like dissolves like' logic in chemistry.
  • Thanks to deep cleansing, blackheads and acne formation are prevented. The pores are not enlarged as they are prevented from being filled. Thus, the appearance of pores is reduced.
  • Moisturizer, serum, etc. to be applied in other steps of skin care. care products can go down to deeper layers in clean skin. Thus, more effective results can be obtained from the products used.
  • With an oil-based cleanser, all make-up residues can be removed during the make-up removal stage. There is no need to use separate cleaning products for eyes, lips and face.
  • The contents of sunscreens, which cannot be dissolved with water-based cleaners and need strong solvents, can be dissolved by double-stage cleaning.

How to Do Double-Stage Makeup Removal?

Two cleansing products are needed for the double-stage make-up removal and skin cleansing method. With this method, which is quite easy, it is possible to observe miraculous effects on the skin in the long run!

First Stage: Oil-Based Facial Cleansing

It is common to think that products such as make-up removal oils and natural vegetable oils are not suitable for cleansing the skin. It may seem unreasonable at first to intervene with oil to purify the oil on the skin. However, oil-based products should be used to analyze and clean the excess sebum on the skin. This is especially important for oily, combination and acne-prone skin.

If the double-stage cleaning is repeated in both day and night care, its effect can be observed more clearly. In the first stage of this application, the skin is washed with an oil-based product in the morning to clean the excess sebum accumulated on the skin during sleep. Then the other steps of maintenance are followed. In the night care, it is necessary to wash the face first with an oil-based cleaning product in order to remove the makeup residues, dirt and oil accumulated during the day.

Cleaning the skin with an oil-based product:

  • Cleanses excess sebum on the skin,
  • Removes make-up and dirt residues,
  • Purifies the protective substances in the sunscreen,
  • move blood flow
  • Eliminates the factors that predispose to acne formation.

Make-up removal cotton or fingertips can be used when cleaning with an oil-based product. The product is applied to non-wet skin with gentle movements. This increases blood circulation. Warm water should be preferred for rinsing. During rinsing, rubbing, pressing or using too much hot water should be avoided. The secret of the effectiveness of this step is hidden in gentle movements.

Second Stage: Cleaning with Water Based Cleaner

The basic step in all skin care routines is to purify the skin with a suitable cleanser. As a second step in double-stage make-up cleaning, the skin should be cleaned with a water-based cleanser to both purify the residues of the oil-based product and clean the dirt residues on the skin. While cleansing the skin with a water-based product, it is first moistened. Then the product is foamed abundantly with a silicone pad, sponge, skin cleansing device or hands. The skin is then rinsed with warm water for a fresh feeling. The important thing at this stage is the selection of products suitable for the skin type, which does not disturb the pH balance and sebum ratio of the skin.

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