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Skin Revitalizing Anti-Fatigue Care

It is not difficult to erase the traces of the hustle and bustle of the day , the weariness of the years, stress and many other factors that wear out the skin! Complaining of dull and pale skin that has lost its brightness and vitality is a common condition. It is not impossible to reverse this situation and have a bright and vibrant skin with a few care steps. A regular anti-fatigue care routine is a great way to improve the appearance of your skin and increase your energy!

The First Step for Anti-Fatigue Care: Skin Cleansing

Deep cleansing the skin is perfect for feeling fresh and good! The feeling of heaviness caused by dirt and oil residues accumulating on the skin is the main cause of fatigue. Therefore, thoroughly purifying the skin is the first step to lightening. In order to cope with the tired appearance, the cleaning products to be chosen should be against the dull and exhausted appearance as well as the deep cleansing effect. It is possible to have a fresh skin throughout the day by including the appropriate cleansing product in the skin care routine.

The daily cleaning step alone may not be enough for anti-fatigue care. For this, rejuvenating and effective maintenance steps can be created on a weekly basis. Peeling, which will be applied 3-4 days a week, can be preferred to restore the radiance of the skin. Peeling, which will be applied a few days a week, purifies the dead skin on the skin, helps to clean the pores and gives the skin the shine it needs.

Polente Natural Cafein Squalane Soothing Peeling can be included in the care routine with its ideal content for tired skin. Enriched with Squalane and Marula Oil, it brightens and rejuvenates the skin. With the micro coffee particles and micro sugar crystals in it, it ensures the removal of dead cells from the skin. While providing a fresh skin appearance with its peeling effect, it calms and rests the skin with its intense moisturizing content.

Cream and Moisturizer to Revitalize the Skin

Skin needs moisture after cleansing. Since some cleansing products disrupt the sebum balance in the skin, not using a moisturizer can cause skin problems. For this, the most ideal is to bring natural ingredients suitable for the skin type and providing intense moisture to the skin. Using a good moisturizer after deep cleansing;

  • It prevents the tired appearance,
  • Prevents matte appearance,
  • It makes the skin glow,
  • It maintains the balance of excessive sebum by saturating the skin with moisture,
  • Calms and soothes the skin.

Due to all these effects, moisturizing and refreshing care should not be neglected. All skin types should include the appropriate moisturizing product in their care routine. The skin, pampered with the right ingredients, shines with health in a short time!

Extra: Regular Mask Application for Tired Skin

Classic care steps such as cleansing and moisturizing are usually fixed for all skin types. These steps are repeated regularly by selecting skin care products suitable for the skin. However, these steps are not enough for every skin problem and skin type. Some skins need much more intensive and careful care. Skin masks, one of the applications for the problem, are very effective in responding to this need for intensive care. In anti-fatigue care, regular mask application can be preferred in addition to products such as creams to revitalize the skin.

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