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Ideal Skin Care Products for Night Care Routine

Our skin, which is exposed to pollution, the harmful effects of the sun and adverse weather conditions throughout the day, gets tired like our body. It is necessary to calm and rest the worn skin. Prepare a special care routine with the right skin care products to purify your skin from the negative effects of the day and shine brightly the next day, pamper your skin!

Why is Night Care Important?

Just as nature has a natural cycle such as day-night formation or seasonal changes, the same is true for our skin. Each skin has a special rhythm. Our body, which moves in the early hours in harmony with nature, is affected by many factors such as eating food, consuming liquids, being exposed to cold, heat and wind during the day. During this period, all our systems work in harmony. Finally, when it is night and we enter the sleep period, it is time for our skin to work. The skin repairs and renews itself best at night, during deep sleep. This is why adequate sleep is important for healthy skin.

The effect of the care made before these hours when the skin metabolism works best also increases. Therefore, the end of the day is the ideal time to cleanse the skin and use products that will combat skin problems.

4 Step Night Care Routine

When creating a night skin care routine, you should not forget that you must first know your own skin type and needs. Even though skin cleansing seems to be a basic issue, the cleaning needs of each skin type are different from each other. Therefore, to work; You should start by determining your skin type and what problems you are dealing with.

1. Cleaning

Skin cleansing is an essential step in skin care. During the day, dust in the air, excessively secreted sebum, make-up residues and many other dirt cling to the skin surface. In the cleaning step, it is necessary to start by removing the make-up. For this, a dual-phase cleaner with oil removal feature should be preferred. A washing product such as soap, gel or foam can then be used for deep cleaning. While cleaning the skin, it is necessary not to wear the skin and not cause new problems. For this, products containing chemicals that dry the skin excessively and disrupt the sebum balance should be avoided.

Polente Natural natural soaps can be preferred to choose clean skin care products for skin cleansing. In addition, in the cleaning step, provided that it is 1-2 times a week; Dead skin should be removed by peeling without wearing and tiring.

2. Toning

The pores opened after cleaning should be compressed so that new dirt does not settle and skin defects such as blackheads and acne do not occur. In the skin care routine, tightening the enlarged pores after deep cleansing is one of the steps that should not be skipped. For this, tonics with pore-tightening properties can be preferred. Natural rose water can also be preferred at this step as a herbal tonic with a pore tightening effect.

3. Serum

Serum is a skin care product that works for a single problem on the skin. Although it is possible to categorize certain skin problems according to skin type, the problems that people with the same skin type struggle to deal with on their skin are not the same. For this reason, there are various types of serums used for many different purposes. In this step, it is necessary to determine the skin problem well and to use serum as a solution application for it.

Skin with acne and acne problems can include Polente Acne-Pimple Serum, enriched with rich ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, Manuka Oil, Magnolia Bark Extract, Beet Extract and Tea Tree Oil, into their care routine. In this way, valuable ingredients from nature balance the excess sebum, prevent the pores from being filled and prevent the formation of acne.

Wrinkle problem is one of the skin problems that requires careful care. Thanks to the natural ingredients used for centuries, Polente Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Serum helps to alleviate and slow down the signs of aging by providing the skin with the collagen supplement it needs.

Polente Vitamin C Glow Serum controls the production of melanin in the skin to fight discoloration. Special components in its content; Thanks to Squalane, Rosehip Seed Oil and Baobab Oil, it fights against the spots caused by the sun and acne scars and gives the skin a visible glow.

4. Humidification

One of the most special steps of the night care routine is moisturizing the skin. The skin repairs itself by working at peak performance throughout the night. Therefore, skin care products such as natural moisturizers should be applied at night.

Polente Natural Niacinamide & Squalane-containing natural moisturizing cream locks moisture into the skin thanks to its valuable extracts. Thanks to the Macadamia Oil and Blueberry Extract in the water-based moisturizing cream, it provides the gentle care that oily and combination skin needs.

Natural Moisturizing Cream with Polente Natural Hyaluronic Acid & Squalane, suitable for all skin types from dry to normal. On the other hand, thanks to the intense moisture sources Shea Butter and Borege (Board) Oil in its content, it prevents the feeling of flaking and dryness.

Cleansed and cared for, the skin is calmed by the effect of a moisturizer and is prepared for sleep. A night moisturizer prepares the skin for the next day. After choosing a moisturizer suitable for the skin type, a moisturizer should be applied by massaging in the opposite direction of the blood flow. With a facial massage during the night moisturizer application, both blood circulation can be accelerated and the effect of the moisturizer can be increased.

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