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Refreshing Effect of Using Moisturizer Before Sleeping

Do you know that the secret of starting the day with a bright, lively and fresh skin is hidden in the care made the night before? The regenerative effect of sleep provides the skin with the support it needs throughout the night. Valuable ingredients preferred in skin care contribute to the regeneration of cells. For this reason, it is important to provide the skin with the moisture it needs with a natural moisturizer in the night care routine.

During the night, the skin metabolism works actively and maintains the production of collagen. Thus, with this renewal that lasts throughout the night, the deepening of the wrinkles on the skin is prevented, the under-eye bags are prevented from becoming evident, and the skin is provided with the elasticity it needs. However, the skin cannot effectively complete the renewal process with sleep alone. For a healthy and vibrant skin; In pre-sleep skin care, it is important that the products used for cleaning the face and natural moisturizing products contain rich ingredients.

How does sleep affect the skin?

Good sleep is very important not only for general health but also for skin health. Because the skin, which is tired and worn during the day, renews itself, revitalizes and prepares for the next day with many different processes during a standard 8-hour sleep period. A good sleep is essential so that wrinkles on the skin do not become evident, dark circles under the eyes are not seen, and the skin can maintain its moisture with collagen production. Maximum effect can be achieved when the skin before sleep is supported with products enriched with special ingredients that fight these skin problems.

During an 8-hour sleep;

  • Collagen, which provides moisture and elasticity to the skin, is produced by secreting growth hormone. Wear and damage to the skin during the day is repaired by the hormone secreted during the first 3 hours of sleep.
  • At the 4th and 5th hours, the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that protects the skin against harmful toxic substances, is at its highest levels. During sleep, the repair of the skin continues during this time period.
  • During the rest of the sleep, the body relaxes and REM sleep is entered. Cortisol secretion, which reduces skin quality, decreases in this phase. When the 8-hour cycle is completed, the skin renewal process is also completed.

In addition to hormonal changes, the relaxation of the body during sleep and the decrease in body temperature support the recovery at the maximum level. Not getting enough sleep disrupts the moisture balance in the skin, leading to increased skin dryness and the appearance of wrinkles.

In order for sleep to have a positive effect on the skin at the maximum level, it is very important to clean the face before sleep. A gentle cleansing process with a cleansing product suitable for your skin type removes the dirt and oil that have filled the pores throughout the day. Then, a natural moisturizer should be chosen according to the skin type to protect the skin barrier. An oil-based or water-based moisturizer should be applied in a thin layer before sleep to maintain the skin's moisture balance.

What ingredients should be included in the night moisturizer?

The ingredients of the products that will stay on the skin overnight are very important. Because the skin works with the support of these ingredients during renewal. The more useful content the skin is fed before sleep, the more alive and bright it is possible to wake up in the morning. This is why it is important to choose natural ingredients during the routine with cleansing and moisturizing the face.

When choosing a night moisturizer, you should choose a natural moisturizer. However, since the moisture needs of every skin are not equal, the product should be preferred according to the skin type. For dry skin, products rich in oil should be preferred with intense moisture need, and ingredients that will provide light but sufficient moisture should be chosen for oily skin.

  • Oily and Combination Skin

Squalane, a 100% herbal ingredient, has a miraculous effect in providing moisture. Polente Natural water-based Moisturizer is one of the ideal Squalene-containing products for oily skin with its non-pore-clogging structure. Niacinamide(B3) is a valuable ingredient for sensitive skin with acne problems. When it is included in the moisturizers to be preferred for oily skin, it helps skin repair during the night.

  • Dry Skin

Dry skin, on the other hand, should prefer ingredients that provide intense moisture while choosing natural moisturizers. Hyaluronic acid is a valuable ingredient for night moisturizers to be used by dry skin, with its effect on regulating the moisture in the cell. Polente Natural Hyaluronic Acid & Squalane- containing cream can be preferred so that wrinkles do not deepen and the skin regains the lost moisture.

to a new day; Night care should not be neglected to wake up with a fresh, bright and vibrant skin.

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