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Oily Skin Is Not Moist Skin It Needs Moisturizer

Oily skin is the type of skin that needs special and regular care due to its structure. When all facial shine, oiliness, and excess sebum production are not controlled, it brings along various skin problems. Since the rate of sebum secreted by the skin is high at young ages, the occurrence of skin problems is more common. One of the biggest reasons why the oil balance in the skin is not controlled is the lack of moisture. Oily skin needs to keep the sebum balance under control by moisturizing it with products suitable for the skin type, such as water-based light moisturizers.

What is the Difference Between Oily Skin Type?

Sebum, which is naturally found in the skin of every person and secreted by the sebaceous glands, is produced more in oily skin. This situation causes the oily skin type to differ from other skin types in terms of its characteristics and care needs.
It is very beneficial for the skin when sebum is secreted at normal levels. It makes the skin's elasticity high, bright and soft. However, if it is secreted more than normal, various skin problems occur. Oily skin is the skin type with the highest sebum production among all skin types. This situation should be taken into consideration in skin care and care should be applied according to the needs.

High sebum secretion causes oily skin type to visibly differentiate from other skin types with shine, large pores and oiliness. For this reason, products for maintaining sebum balance should be preferred in the selection of care products. For example, regularly including the use of clay masks in the care routine, choosing products that lock moisture into the skin, such as hyaluronic acid cream, choosing suitable cleansers on a daily basis.

is necessary.

Why Oily Skin Should Use Moisturizer?

All skin needs moisturizer. However, this need is not the same for all skin types. While dry skin needs intense and deep moisture, oily skin needs light water-based moisturizers and oil-free moisturizers to keep the oil balance under control.
It is generally thought that oily skin does not need a moisturizer because it is moist and shiny due to oil. This idea is quite wrong and is one of the main reasons for the increase in skin problems. If an oily skin is not sufficiently moisturized;

  • increase in sebum secretion,

  • excessive glare

  • Failure to keep lubrication under control,

  • enlargement of pores,

  • Increase in acne, pimple and blackhead formation,

  • Problems such as the feeling of heaviness may occur.

How to Use Moisturizers on Oily Skin?

Oily skin should avoid heavy moisturizers with heavy oil content. Instead, oil-free moisturizers, water-based light moisturizers, products in the form of serum, cream and gel should be preferred. When choosing a humidifier, attention should be paid to its light structure and low oil content.

Polente Natural Niacinamide&Squalane Moisturizing Cream offers the gentle care that oily skin needs with its non comedogenic (does not clog pores) content. Squalane, which is naturally found in the sebum of the skin, helps to maintain the oil balance of the skin. The right moisturizer to include in day and night care is one of the best ways to control oily skin.

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