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How Should Combination Skin Care Be?

Combination skin type, which is the most common skin type, is the most difficult skin type to care for. Because combination skin needs a delicate balance in its care because some parts are oily and some parts are dry. For this, first of all, it is necessary to know the skin well and to determine what it needs. It's not hard to deal with the confusion of combination skin by using the right products for your needs!

How Does Combination Skin Happen?

Combination skin has a very characteristic and well-known definition. The T-zone, that is, the skin type where the forehead, nose and chin is oily, and the cheeks are dry, is combination skin. It is quite easy to detect, but it can be more difficult to care for than other skin types because it contains several skin type features. Those with mixed skin usually;

  • lubrication in the T zone,
  • black spot problem
  • enlarged pores,
  • Itching, dryness, flaking and tenderness in the cheek area,
  • Acne due to unbalanced sebum,
  • It is faced with problems such as glossy appearance.

Skin types usually do not change. However, very dry skin or oily skin may tend to turn into a combination skin type depending on the seasons, the cosmetic products used, and the dermocosmetic applications. This condition is usually temporary. When the factor that caused its formation disappears, the skin returns to its original state. For those with naturally combination skin type, it is not possible to change the skin type completely. With the right care practices, it is necessary to control the drying in the cheek area and the lubrication in the T area. Combination skin is possible to deal with with the right products and balance.

What Does Combination Skin Need?

All skin types have their own problems and needs. The problems and needs of combination skin can be a bit more and more complex than others. Because it is necessary to deal with both dry areas and oily areas correctly. For this, it is important to pay attention to a few steps and to maintain the balance in skin care.

Regional Care

The most basic need of combination skin is regional care applications. Because not all skin has the same cleaning and moisturizing needs. For example, an anti-oil cleansing application for the T-zone can cause the cheek area to dry out more, increasing the problems in that area. Intense moisturizing products preferred for the cheek area can cause clogging of the pores in the T area and increase blackheads. For this reason, local care application is important to keep combination skin under control.

It is often recommended to apply peeling and mask application for combination skin to prevent oiliness in the T-zone, clean and tighten the pores. These applications to clean the pores deeply can be included in the weekly maintenance routine. Clay masks, which are recommended for use by oily skin with their anti-greasy effect, are also suitable for oily areas of combination skin. Care should be taken to apply it, taking care not to coincide with the cheek area. Although oily skin can apply this type of mask to all their skin, it can cause increased dryness, itching, sensitivity and flaking on the cheeks in combination skin.

Polente Natural Spirulina Detox Clay Mask helps balance sebum in oily areas with its high mineral Bentonite Clay and Kaolin Clay. Thanks to the effect of Tea Tree Essential Oil on acne and blackheads, it helps to cope with skin problems. Thus, the regional care needed for combination skin can be provided.

Sebum Balancing

Dryness in the cheek area causes combination skin to feel the need for intense moisturizing. However, if the same intensity of moisturizing cream is applied to the entire face, sebum secretion in the T-zone can get out of control and cause clogging of the pores. For this reason, the right moisturizing ingredient that will get along well with the whole skin should be preferred. Combination skin does not need to use a separate moisturizer for the cheek area and a separate moisturizer for oily areas. A moisturizer suitable for the entire face can be applied locally by adjusting its intensity.

Polente Natural Niacinamide(B3) & Squalane Moist Cream is a moisturizing cream suitable for combination skin care. Thanks to its water-based structure, it provides perfect moisture to the entire skin. Thanks to Macadamia Oil and Blueberry extract, it gently meets the moisture need of oily and acne-prone areas. In addition, it provides sufficient moisture for dry areas thanks to its Squalene (Squalene) content and Niacinamide (Vitamin B). With its non-comedogenic content, it does not cause the formation of blackheads, which is a common problem for combination skin.

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