Doğanın Sunduğu Şifanın Kompleks Hali: 12 Botanik Yağ ile Saçları Şımartan Kompleks Bakım - Polente Natural

The Complex of Nature's Healing: Pampering Hair Complex with 12 Botanical Oils

Every hair type deserves to be pampered with aromatherapy hair care oils! The secret of an effective care that will affect the hair from root to tip is hidden in nature. Polente Natural Hair Care Oil Containing 12 Botanical Oils is a super power that solves many hair problems on its own, from hair loss to split ends, from dull and dull hair appearance to hair that does not grow fast! Read on to learn how to pamper your hair with this complex hair care oil with a special formula created with the perfect combination of aromatherapy oils!

Hair Care Oils and Their Benefits for Hair 

The solution to many problems in hair is hidden in herbal extracts. Natural ingredients from the heart of nature are very effective in solving many problems such as hair wear, scalp problems, hair loss problems. For this reason, a beautifying oil that nourishes the hair from root to tip will be one of the most effective hair care methods in order to preserve the softness and shine of the hair. Hair care oil, which contains botanical oils suitable for hair in its formula, is ideal for those who want to preserve the shine of their hair. So what are these botanical oils and what are their benefits for hair?

Argan Oil: It is one of the most common oils in hair care products. Argan oil is a very effective oil for strengthening hair strands and nourishing them with moisture. It is an oil that has been preferred in hair care since ancient times and considered indispensable for hair care rituals. 

Moringa Oil: When it comes to hair care, effective moisture is one of the features that should be in a botanical oil. Moringa, a tiny tree that grows in the Himalayas, is also known as the miracle tree in the region. Moringa oil, obtained from the seeds of the miracle tree, is very effective in providing the hair with the moisture it needs from root to tip. 

Jojoba Oil: Extracted from the seeds of the plant grown mainly in Mexico, California and Arizona, Jojoba oil is an intense source of vitamin E. It has been frequently preferred in hair and skin care since past years. With its high vitamin E content, it plays an active role in repairing damaged hair. 

Avocado Oil: The oil obtained from ripe avocado is the essence of all the healing that the avocado plant offers for health. It is rich in vitamins A, D and E and omega-3 fatty acids. The most distinctive feature for hair care is its contribution to shine while nourishing the hair. 

Sweet Almond Oil: The fragrant sweet almond oil, which is frequently mentioned in hair and skin care, has a miraculous effect in meeting the need for moisture. It is indispensable for hair care products as it provides the moisture needed by the scalp in a short time. This oil, which has healing properties, is effective in eliminating problems such as dryness, crusting and itching on the scalp. 

Grape Seed Oil: Obtained by squeezing grape seeds with the cold press method, this oil is one of the richest sources of vitamin E. It has very high antioxidant properties. It has a supportive effect on hair growth with the effect of vitamin E and linoleic acid in its content. It acts as a protective shield around the hair strands against environmental damage with its high moisture-providing feature. 

Pomegranate Seed Oil: Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this oil comes to the fore in scalp care. When applied by massaging, it accelerates the blood circulation in the scalp and helps to eliminate the problem of dryness and itching in the scalp. On the other hand, with this feature, it helps the hair to grow in a healthy way. 

Garlic Oil: It is one of the magical oils used in hair care. Garlic oil is one of the most effective botanical oils when it comes to treating hair loss. It strengthens the hair roots and prevents hair loss. It is also used for scalp problems such as dryness, fungus, itching, as it is effective in repairing damage to the skin. 

Castor Oil: Known for its nourishing effect, castor oil is often used in hair care rituals. It plays an active role in hair growth by feeding the hair from root to tip. 

Apricot Kernel Oil: The most obvious effect of apricot kernel oil for skin and hair is its softening feature thanks to its high moisture content. Apricot kernel oil makes the hair silky soft. 


Lavender Essential Oil: It is one of the most effective oils known to improve the health of the scalp. The fragrant lavender essential oil is very effective in eliminating dandruff, one of the scalp problems, with its antimicrobial property. It is effective in preventing shedding. In this way, it makes the hair look more lively and shiny.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Ylang ylang oil, which has numerous benefits for hair, stands out with its effect of accelerating hair growth and balancing sebum production. It plays an important role in hair health by keeping the excess oil on the scalp under control. Thanks to ylang ylang oil, which is frequently mentioned among hair growing oils, hair grows healthily without wearing out. 

How to Use Hair Care Oil?

Oils used in hair care are usually included in the weekly or monthly periods of the hair care routine. This is because their content is quite dense. Polente Natural Hair Care Oil Containing 12 Botanical Oils, which contains the healing essences of nature in a complex form, is an ideal hair care elixir for those who want to pamper their hair, to add to their weekly hair care ritual. Hair care oil, which contains 12 natural oils in its formula, as well as intense moisture source Squalene and vitamin E, is an effective care product for the hair to shine from root to tip. It helps to solve many hair problems such as scalp problems, rapid hair growth, hair loss, shedding, split ends, dull hair. 

How to use Polente Natural Hair Care Oil Containing 12 Botanical Oils?

This effective hair care elixir is included in the weekly hair care routine. Applying it as a hair mask once a week is effective in fighting hair problems. The application consists of three stages:

  1. Hair care oil is applied to dry or moistened hair from root to tip. During the application, the scalp can be massaged so that the natural extracts penetrate the scalp. 
  2. The product is left on the hair for about 15-20 minutes. In periods when wear and dryness are felt more intensely, the waiting time on the hair can be increased for a while, so that botanical oils can have a better effect on the hair. 
  3. The hair is rinsed by removing the oils with the help of shampoo. As a trick here, a more effective purification can be achieved by shampooing before wetting the hair. Polente Natural Solid Shampoo varieties can be preferred in order to maintain effective care for the hair during the washing phase. 


The product, which is applied as a hair mask on a weekly basis, is suitable for use by all hair types. The effect it provides to strengthen the hair and shine with health is visible from the first use. 

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