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Intense Moisture Source for All Hair Types: Leave-In Conditioner

Many hair care products are formulated to solve only one hair problem. Shampoos, hair masks, conditioners and many more are created according to hair type and hair needs. However, there are some products that make every hair type happy. It provides the care that all hair types need in one go. Polente Natural Intense Moisturizing Conditioner is a star in this regard! Let's take a look at the ethics of this hair care cream, which offers effective care for all hair types with its special structure!

Every hair type needs moisture

The formula for healthy hair is to saturate the hair with moisture from root to tip. This process, which starts with maintaining the moisture balance during the washing phase, is important at every step during hair care. Regardless of the hair type, products that will avoid drying while purifying the scalp should be preferred. During the wash phase, shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks can help saturate the scalp with moisture. After the washing phase, moisture can be added to the ends of the hair with products that help easy combing, such as hair serums and non-rinsing hair care creams. No matter what hair type is curly, straight, dry or oily, every hair type needs moisture. Polente Natural Intense Moisturizing Hair Conditioner provides intense moisture thanks to natural oils such as moringa, macadamia and avocado with high moisture retention properties. 

Make room for natural extracts in hair care! 

When it comes to hair care, harmful chemicals are at the top of the list. This is because products used to purify, style or condition the hair actually affect the hair structure as well. Most of the time, although there is a positive effect instantly due to the chemical products used, negative results may occur in terms of hair in the long run. Unnatural hair care products can cause results such as dryness of the scalp, itching, hair loss, breakage at the ends of the hair due to dryness, changes in the natural shape and color of the hair. However, formulas prepared with clean ingredients from nature strengthen the hair structure and care for the scalp. Therefore, it is the first rule to stay away from harsh chemicals in hair care. 

An effective finishing touch with a leave-in conditioner

The combing phase is important so that the ends of the hair do not break. For easy combing after washing, products that give moisture to the ends of the hair should be preferred. Long hair often needs special care products for the ends of the hair during the combing step. A moisturizing care product should be used to prevent tangling, breakage and the fractures caused by the ends of the hair.

Although the product to add moisture to the hair ends is important for all hair types, the choice of hair care cream is very sensitive, especially for some special hair styling methods. For example, when choosing a conditioner for the Curly Girl Method, care is taken to ensure that its content is chemical-free, clean and in a structure that gives intense moisture. For this reason, the conditioner that is not rinsed should be capable of keeping the moisture in the hair for a long time. Curly hair can choose Polente Natural Intense Moisturizing Conditioner as conditioner for Curly Girl Method. Intense Moisturizing Conditioner is an effective source of moisture as a final touch, even for hair types that do not trap moisture, with the power of special oils in its content.

Pay attention to the heat when drying and styling the hair!

It is necessary to protect the hair from excessive heat while drying and styling. Because too much heat negatively affects the structure of the hair. Applying a care product to the ends of the hair before styling the hair prevents the hair from drying out and being vulnerable to heat. No-rinse hair care creams act as a shield on the hair, protecting the hair against negative external effects. For this reason, a product with intense moisture content should be applied to the hair before styling methods with intense heat sources such as hair dryer, curling iron, straightener. 

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