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No More Hair Fractures with Anti-Breakage Hair Care Serum!

Broken hair ends are the hair problem that needs the most complex care. Actually, the solution is quite simple; softening the ends of the hair by moisturizing them. Thanks to the intense moisturizing, the hair ends are prevented from being vulnerable to all external conditions and breaking. This is only possible with an effective and intensive care and elimination of mistakes made in hair care. Read on to learn about these factors that cause the split ends of your hair to break and the solution!

What are the causes of hair breakage?

The main reason for hair breakage is that the hair has lost its health. Unhealthy hair becomes vulnerable to external factors and breaks. There are many factors that can cause hair breakage:

  • Chemical processes that completely change the hair structure are one of the first causes of wear in the hair. Processes made with chemical applications such as hair dyeing, perm and permanent blow dry cause the hair to lose its health and break.
  • While the appearance of the hair becomes beautiful with hair styling applications, its structure may be adversely affected. Products such as blow dryers, tongs, and hair straighteners used at high temperatures affect the moisture balance of the hair and cause breakage.
  • Hair is not broken only at the tip. The reason for the shedding of the hair strands and the breakage observed in the middle points is usually the collection of the hair with the same method. Gathering the hair very tightly and in the same way causes regional hair breakage.
  • Care products that are not compatible with the hair type are among the factors that cause breakage by disrupting the natural structure of the hair.
  • If the hair is not moisturized enough, it will dry out and cause hair loss and breakage.
  • Mistakes made during hair combing cause hair breakage. Although healthy hair is strong, it needs delicate care. Combing the hair very hard and dry, opening the tangles at the ends of the hair in traumatic applications without using an auxiliary care product cause breakage in the hair.

Is a haircut the definitive solution to the fracture problem?

Hair breakage does not occur only at the ends of the hair. Hair breakage can be observed in many parts of the hair due to shedding of the hair and wear of the hair strands. Cutting the hair regularly helps to visually eliminate the split ends, but it is not a sure solution. Because the cause of hair breakage is the loss of moisture in the hair strands and wear. The main solution can be achieved by restoring the hair strands to their former health. For this, hair care products that provide intense moisture to the entire hair, especially the ends of the hair, should be preferred.

What products should be preferred for broken hair ends?

Cutting hair, combing it carefully, staying away from heat treatments as much as possible are effective but temporary solutions to avoid the problem of hair breakage. The most important thing is to choose the right products in hair care, to saturate the hair with moisture and to protect it against breakage. For this, hair care products filled with valuable extracts, which are frequently used in hair care, should be included in the hair care routine.

Products containing intense vitamin E and ingredients such as Squalene, one of the most moisture sources, are a priority for hair tip care. In addition, miraculous extracts such as Avocado and Pomegranate Seed oil, which are frequently preferred in hair care, nourish the hair and help it to be saturated with moisture. The structure of the products to be preferred for hair tip care is as important as the content. In order to see an immediate effect on the hair ends, hair serums that contain valuable extracts in a complex form and that absorb quickly can be preferred. Serums are concentrated forms of all medicinal extracts due to their formula. Therefore, they provide intensive care with a drop.

Polente Natural Anti-Breakage Hair Care Serum (View it) is one of the ideal products for effective hair tip care. Hemisqualen, which is contained in its serum structure, is quickly absorbed in the hair and provides instant moisture. Avocado oil and pomegranate seed oil provide the hair ends to regain their old health. Thanks to its intense vitamin E content, the hair strands are protected against external factors and shine with health.

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