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Say Goodbye to Damaged Hair with Nourishing Conditioner that Provides Intense Moisture Support!

Hair strands are stronger than they appear. A healthy strand of hair has the structure to carry many kilos of weight. The secret of this power of hair is hidden in the fact that it is saturated with healthy ingredients. Hair that loses its moisture dries out and loses its strength, flexibility and shine. For this reason, when it comes to hair care and hair health, products that will provide adequate moisture are always at the forefront. It is necessary to follow the right steps in the care routine and choose the right products in order to give the hair the moisture it needs and restore it to its former health. Read on for tips on restorative care for damaged hair!

Why does hair get damaged?

When hair is vulnerable to many conditions, it wears out and loses its health. The following conditions can cause hair damage.

  • Air pollution is one of the most important factors affecting the structure of hair. Unless a care is taken to protect the hair strands, adverse weather conditions wear the hair.
  • Exposure to too much sunlight causes your hair to lose its moisture and shine. It dries hair.
  • Using very high temperatures while styling the hair with products such as straighteners and tongs adversely affects the structure of the hair strands. When styling hair, it is sufficient to use a temperature in the range of 130-190 degrees for a short time.
  • Hair care products containing corrosive chemicals cause deterioration in the natural structure of the hair. The source of many hair problems such as changes in the shape of the hair, dryness of the hair ends, hair loss are the chemicals in the hair care products.
  • Especially long hair is often broken and worn when dry and hard combing is done. Not using hair care cream on the ends of the hair before traumatic procedures such as very hard and dry brushing will cause wear.
  • Permanently treated hair such as dye, lightener, perm are the hairs in need of hair care. If such processes are not balanced with the right care, they can cause permanent damage to the hair.

How to care for damaged hair?

An intensive and effective care routine is required to restore damaged hair to its former health. There are two golden rules in intensive care to be applied to damaged hair. These; is to choose the right product for the need and to apply the right techniques.

What should be considered when choosing a hair care product for damaged hair?

  • The main enemy of damaged hair is harmful chemicals. Hair in need of repairing care loses its moisture and wears out more when products containing chemical substances such as SLS-SLES-Paraben-Silicon, which dry the hair, are applied. As a result, hair loss and permanent deterioration in the hair structure can be observed. For this reason, it is very important to read the content when buying hair care products. Since Polente Natural is prepared with natural extracts by avoiding harmful chemicals in all hair care products, it can be preferred for damaged hair with peace of mind.

  • When it comes to treated hair care, it is important to choose the right product at every step of hair care. Choosing the right shampoo in the washing step alone is not enough to repair the hair. For this reason, hair nourishing cream suitable for damaged hair and easy combing products that give intense moisture should be preferred. Polente Natural Repair-Nourishing Conditioner saturates the hair with moisture after washing with its chemical-free, natural formula. The leave-in conditioner can be preferred for restorative care after washing.

  • The highest sources of moisture in hair products are natural oils. The aromatherapy oils in the hair care products form a shield in the hair, protecting the hair strands against breakage and trapping the moisture in the hair. It provides the moisture balance of the scalp, which provides nourishment to the hair. Therefore, valuable oils for hair care; Preferring products containing valuable extracts such as Shea Butter, Argan, Jojoba is important for the most effective result.

What should be considered during the care of damaged hair?

  1. Damaged hair usually has breakage at the ends of the hair. This causes the hair to become tangled and tangled after washing. If you think about how to open tangled hair easily, the solution is simple. This is one of the main tasks of leave-in conditioners that give intense moisture to the ends of the hair. The leave-in conditioner nourishes the hair ends while helping to detangle the ends. Polente Natural Repair-Nourishing Conditioner (Thin Thin) helps to repair hair while making it easier to detangle tangled hair. However, hair that is combed without using a hair care cream causes breakage and breakage, and the hair is more worn.
  2. In treated hair, the ends of the hair appear drier and lifeless compared to other parts of the hair. Care should be taken to pay extra attention to the ends of the hair. Some of the things to do to repair the hair ends are to regularly remove the split ends, to care for the hair ends with aromatherapy oils that are strong in terms of moisture retention such as Avocado, Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel, Grape Seed Oil, Argan, and to make a habit of using non-rinsing conditioner.
  3. High-temperature processes such as blow-drying, straightening, and curling irons cause more wear on the hair. For this reason, before these applications, heat protective hair creams should be used to protect the hair by moisturizing it from root to tip.

Every hair type is damaged when improperly cared for and exposed to adverse conditions. It is possible to restore the damaged hair to its former health and make it shine brightly by choosing products according to the needs of the damaged hair and applying the right care techniques for the hair.

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