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What All Hair Types Need: Intense Moisture Solid Shampoo

         All hair types deserve to be pampered with herbal extracts. Products made of natural ingredients, free from chemicals, that will moisturize the hair from root to tip, are essential for the health of the scalp and hair strands. Care begins with purification with a natural shampoo that will be included in the hair care routine and contains all these features. Keep reading to get rid of dry hair ends and shine with health with a care that gives intense moisture!

Why does hair need moisture?

When it comes to hair care, hair strands come to mind first. However, hair care encompasses the combined care of the scalp and hair strands. For this reason, for shiny hair, a care should be made from the bottom to the end by using complex products at every step of hair care. The scalp that has lost its moisture also prevents the hair from shining and looking lively. There are many reasons why hair needs moisture.

Hair that has lost its moisture looks dull and dull. Hair that is adequately and evenly hydrated is full and shiny. A care with intense moisturizer is important for lifeless hair. The electrification and tangling of the hair is also caused by the lack of moisture. Generally, treated dry hair loses its moisture and becomes electrified. The dandruff problem seen on the scalp is also an indication of the need for moisture. As a result of moisture loss in all hair types, dryness and stiffness are seen at the ends of the hair. For all these reasons, moisturizing the hair sufficiently is important for hair health.

Intensive moisturizing care recommendations for all hair types

Colored and treated hair, dry and damaged hair, oily hair, thick curls, straight hair and more… All hair types deserve to be pampered with hydration! If you want to saturate your hair with moisture, the suggestions below are for you!

Choosing the right shampoo

Shampoo choice is one of the most important issues for hair health. Choosing a shampoo that does not contain chemicals harmful to human health such as SLS, SLES, Paraben, Silicone and Sulfate is the golden rule of hair care. Such chemical ingredients also purify the valuable oils naturally found in the scalp and impair the health of the hair. Therefore, sulfate-free shampoos are ideal for all hair types. The natural cleansers used in the sulfate-free shampoo ingredients gently clean the hair.

Polente Natural Intense Moisturizing Solid Shampoo (Review) has been prepared to saturate the hair in need of moisture in every shower. Moisturized hair shines with Moringa Oil in its special formula. Moringa oil is an intense moisture source containing many nutritional compounds. Avocado is one of the most important ingredients for hair and skin care with 20 different vitamins, Omega 3 and minerals in its content. Polente Natural intense moisturizing solid shampoo for all hair types saturates the hair with moisture with the effect of exotic oils. Choosing the right shampoo is important to moisturize the hair while purifying it.

Special care for hair ends

The first sign of dryness in the hair is hard and damaged hair ends. Matte appearance at the ends of the hair, tangling, rapid breakage, and wear are all indications that the hair has lost its moisture from the bottom to the end. While moisturizing the hair from the bottom with the right care products, it is also effective to apply a special care to the ends of the hair.

Hair care cream that is not rinsed can be preferred for combing after washing. There are many natural alternatives in nature to moisturize hair ends with such ingredients. Among the most effective moisturizing ingredients are miraculous oils such as coconut, moringa, avocado and macadamia. Natural and complex components that combine these products can be preferred.

Polente Natural Intense Moisturizing Conditioner is prepared with rich ingredients to saturate the hair ends with moisture. It meets the need of hair care cream for dry, worn and processed hair. It is a nourishing care cream with the effect of macadamia, avocado and moringa ingredients. Helps hair ends shine with health.

Moisturizing care with aromatherapy oils

Nature offers unique sources of moisture for skin and hair care. Many natural ingredients such as argan oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, moringa oil can be included in the regular care routine. Oils used for hair care can be preferred in the weekly and monthly care routine to add shine to the hair from root to tip.

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