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Choosing the Right Product for Oily Hair: Balancing Solid Shampoo

Caring for hair type is the first condition of proper care. The care of every hair type begins with cleansing and an effective purification phase. Especially thin hair that gets greasy quickly needs an effective purification. Hair lubrication occurs for many reasons, but the conditions sought for the products to be used in cleaning are the same; A special product that balances excess sebum on the scalp!

Why does hair get damaged?

Our hair is actually stronger than it looks. On the other hand, when a careful care routine is not adopted and various external factors are ignored, it is very easy for the hair to lose its strength and wear out. Some of the causes of hair loss are as follows;

  • Exposing the hair to frequent heat treatments such as straightening, curling and high temperature drying,
  • Combing the hair by battering it,
  • Long hours of exposure to sunlight
  • factors such as air pollution,
  • Chemicals applied to change the structure and color of the hair,
  • Using products containing SLS - SLES - Paraben - Silicone - Sulfate,
  • Factors such as not using products suitable for hair type wear out the scalp and hair strands.

What does damaged and treated hair need?

The answer to this question is, of course, very clear; moisture! Moisture is the most important factor that makes the hair shine brightly, look healthy, protect it from external factors and not break. An imbalance of sebum at the base of the hair can also manifest as excessive dryness, such as excessive oiliness. In this case, it is quite expected to encounter hair that has lost its shine and worn out. In case of problems that may arise due to hair-wearing processes, the hair should be pampered with a care from root to tip. In the care of damaged hair, only instant interventions are not enough. For this reason, restorative care products to be used regularly should be included in the hair care routine.

Restorative care recommendations for damaged hair

Although factors such as heat treatments, sun, chemicals that affect the hair structure, and hair dyes wear out the hair, it is possible to get shiny and shiny hair again with an effective care.

Processed and damaged hair is the type of hair that needs the most delicate care. That's why every step of the maintenance routine is important.

Polente Natural Repair Nourishing Solid Shampoo (Review) With the power of Jojoba and Argan oil, damaged or treated hair starts to care during the purification step. Solid shampoo, with its sulfate-free and natural content, helps to restore natural health while cleaning hair tired from chemical processes. The combination of Jojoba Oil, Argan oil, Herbal Keratin and Squalene brings moisture to the hair that has lost its moisture in the purification step. Moisturizing care for colored hair provides brighter and more vibrant hair color.

For dry, worn hair that has lost its moisture by processing, applications that will saturate the hair with moisture should be preferred after an effective purification. Especially before combing, hair ends should be brought together with the right product to prevent hair breakage. No-rinse conditioners are effective products that stay on the hair for a long time and saturate the hair with moisture. Polente Natural Repair Nourishing Conditioner provides the moisture it needs to damaged hair with the healing power of the aromatherapy oils it contains. Hair nourishing cream with rich ingredients of Shea Butter, Argan and Jojoba oils offers a restorative care for damaged and dyed hair.

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