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What is Solid Shampoo?

Solid shampoos, which contain important natural ingredients for hair care, are very popular lately. Although it is physically similar to soap, natural solid shampoo, which is shampoo in content, is produced with ingredients obtained from natural synthesis. Thanks to its clean content, it is preferred by many people because it is sensitive to both nature and human health. So, what are the features that make solid shampoo different from conventional liquid shampoos?

What are the Differences Between Solid Shampoo and Liquid Shampoo?

Shampoos with soap structure created with natural origin surfactants are called solid shampoos. These products in solid form do not contain soap. Although they are used like liquid shampoos, there are many differences between these two shampoo types.

  • Solid shampoos, similar in shape to soap, do not need a plastic protective packaging like liquid shampoo. It produces minimal waste as it does not require any extra packaging. It is environmentally friendly as it is a plastic waste-free option. A biodegradable material such as a paper box is sufficient during transportation.
  • Due to the natural extracts that make up its content, it is considered as nature-sensitive content. It does not contain chemicals that make up a large part of liquid shampoos and harm nature. The most obvious difference between solid shampoo and liquid shampoo is the traces they leave on nature. Solid shampoo leaves an environmental footprint of 96% less than conventional shampoos.
  • Solid shampoos, which are vegan in both packaging and content, are products that respect nature. It is the first choice when meeting the care needs of those who are sensitive to nature.
  • Solid shampoo is a concentrated product. More than half of liquid shampoos are water. This means that the active ingredients are less. Solid shampoo can be used for three times longer compared to the same amount of liquid shampoo with its concentrated structure. In this respect, it is an economical choice.
  • Thanks to its rich oils such as Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, it provides natural care for both skin and hair from root to tip.
  • Due to its form, it is very easy to carry during flights, travels, sports or daily life needs.

How to use solid shampoo?

Soap and solid shampoo are very similar in form and use. Although Natural solid shampoo is not soap, it is used by following the same steps. Before applying to the hair, the hair should be slightly wetted. Then it can be applied directly to the hair to lather. Massage is done to thoroughly cleanse the scalp and rinse with plenty of water.

During use, hair care mask, conditioner, serum and various care oils can be used in the same order as traditional liquid shampoos. Solid shampoo, which provides effective cleaning without leaving any residue on the hair, may not be needed in different care products as it provides effective care thanks to natural extracts such as Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter.

Natural solid shampoo should be stored in a place where it will not come into contact with water after use, since it has a structure suitable for melting when it comes into contact with water.

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