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7 Effective Reasons to Use Solid Shampoo

Solid shampoo is one of the favorite care products of those looking for products with natural ingredients. Vegan, nature-friendly, sensitive to human health, minimal, easy to use and the new star of healthy glowing hair; solid shampoo. Here are 8 effective reasons to choose this special product, which has many advantages compared to traditional liquid shampoos!
  • Clean Content and Sensitive to Human Health

It is one of the most preferred care products due to its clean solid shampoo content. Today, the chemicals in the content of care products are increasing day by day. Chemical ingredients that extend shelf life, speed up production and have serious long-term harm to health are also found in hair care products. Ingredients such as SLS, SLES, Paraben, Silicone and Sulfate, which are found in the majority of liquid shampoos, are not found in solid shampoos with clean content. With its natural content sensitive to human health, solid shampoo is preferred over conventional liquid shampoos.

  • Concentrated

About 80% to 90% of the contents of liquid shampoos are water. Although the ingredients of these water-based products consist of active ingredients for hair care, they have a low share in terms of density. However, since it does not contain water in the solid shampoo content, it is produced as a concentrated form of ingredients consisting of completely natural syntheses. This causes a three-fold difference between solid shampoo and liquid shampoo in the same weight. Solid shampoo lasts on average three times longer than other shampoos.

  • No Plastic Waste/Minimal Waste

Waste-free life is the debt of all humanity to nature. Solid shampoo leaves minimal waste to the nature compared to many care products that are bottled with plastic materials, wrapped with extra packages, and cause waste to be released to the nature during production. A solid shampoo can only be made into a paper box, paper bag, etc. It can be safely stored by wrapping with natural materials.

  • Biodegradable/Environmental Content

Some chemicals in the formulas of conventional care products are ingredients that cause pollution of water resources, soil and air. Solid shampoo does not pollute the water, soil and air thanks to its natural origin ingredients. It consists of completely biodegradable, nature-friendly ingredients.

  • Travel Friendly

Carrying care products to places such as travel, pool, gym can often be seen as a problem. Shampoo bottles are not suitable for travel due to the possibility of leakage and their size. Polente Natural Solid Shampoo varieties can be easily carried anywhere with their minimal packaging and solid form.

  • vegan

Vegan solid shampoo does not contain any animal ingredients in its component or packaging. Products made of 100% herbal ingredients and natural extracts are not tested on animals and are respectful to nature.

  • Minimal Design

It is suitable for the minimalism movement, which is against the use of more than necessary products. A single product purifies, moisturizes and nourishes hair and scalp. A bar of dry shampoo to be preferred for hair problems does not take up space and can be easily carried in the bag.

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